Friday, December 5, 2008

Jury Says, "Fuck You, Nordberg"

OJ is FINALLY going to jail for murder. Ah, sweet just...wait, what's that? Attempting to steal shit from two shady memorabilia dealers in a Vegas hotel room? 15 YEARS?? Jesus Cristo, I remember the 90's as the golden age of murdering people and walking away knowing you just fucked over the American judicial system - and now Orenthal gets 15 years for trying steal back some of his worthless football shit? Man, the 90's were the good old days!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Advertising: Kay Jewelers

Read my lips: this ad is fucking terrible.

I'll admit it's not everyday you see a deaf/non-deaf couple on TV, so I commend Kay for their attempt at portraying this unconventional relationship; however, the fundamental premise of this poorly executed concept is flawed. If this schmuck still has obvious trouble signing to his girl, what in god's name have the two been discussing during the tenure of their relationship? Clearly they make a good pair, and I can safely assume they've been together for some time, considering they're spending Christmas morning exclusively with each other and he's buying her an expensive watch - but how the hell is his signing still so bad? Guess what time it is, sir: time for you to learn some fucking sign language. I guess you figure you'll make up for it by buying her some shit instead of taking the minimal effort to learn some basic signs. Maybe the key to a loving relationship is a complete lack of communication? Either way good sir, you should have no trouble learning this sign: it's my middle finger!