Friday, February 15, 2013

Driving Stoned

This would be really fun until the intensive testing at the end - nightmare.


Anonymous said...

Addy? Abby? I wanna party with this chica

Anonymous said...

Couple of things:
1) I've got a feeling that the producers are "The Big Lebowski" fans and had a little fun with subject #3, Jeff, who looks like The Dude's doppleganger.
2) I'm not confident I could drive that course sober and pass. It looks like it's just a mess of faded orange cones set up in some sort of Battleship configuration.
3) Addy is my worst social nightmare. If she shows up to a party, I'm out.

Oh, and 4) Since when did Bill Tannen leave acting to become a Sheriff?

Anonymous said...

And by "Bill Tannen" I meant "Biff Tannen" as in Thomas F. Wilson. Dammit.

JED RED said...

Chas - agree with you on all fronts. And when you said Bill Tannen I knew exactly what you were saying (didn't even think of Biff).